We can now perform telemedicine for certain appointments. Please call the office to see if telemedicine would be appropriate for you. 

COVID-19 Updates


We hope you are all staying safe and feeling well. We wanted to reach out and let you know where things currently stand, nationally, locally, and in our office.


Currently, COVID-19 cases are falling in our area, which is GREAT news! Cases have dropped, hospitalizations, and deaths have all decreased. Vaccinations are getting into people’s arms, slowly but surely. Our entire staff is grateful to have been vaccinated. We do not take this privilege lightly.


All that being said, PLEASE don’t let your guard down! There are new strains in the country that spread more easily. Our kids will be heading back into the schools soon, which increases the possibility for transmission. So, please continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, and social distance. If you have had COVID-19 and were diagnosed elsewhere, please contact the office so we can add the information to your chart.


We want to remind you that we are HERE! We are testing for COVID-19, so if you have symptoms, or have plans to travel or are returning from out-of-state, need clearance for return to school or sports, we can help you! We also know that some patients need cardiac clearance to return to sports after testing positive for COVID-19. We have implemented the 14-point American Heart Association screening and are able to perform EKG’s in the office if necessary.


It has almost been a year now that we have all been dealing with this pandemic. While we have remained open throughout the pandemic, some of our patients delayed checkups initially. If your child has not been seen for an annual physical since last March, please contact the office to schedule this appointment. We do not want them falling behind on vaccinations, on hitting important developmental milestones, or on a chance to make sure the stress of the pandemic is not taking its toll. And, as sports gear up again, we know you will need sports clearance. We are happy to take care of sports physicals.


As we have all been aware, there are pandemics within this pandemic that are taking the form of racism, division, financial hardships, and mental health tolls. Please be kind to your neighbors and to strangers, and especially to yourself. We can’t preach that enough! Getting consistent, quality sleep is key, as is getting exercise (60 minutes a day would be great, but at least 30 minutes most days of the week is beneficial) and eating a well-balanced diet. You have these tools in your control and we encourage you to practice them.


Some of you have asked when we will begin vaccinating for COVID-19. We are registered to receive the vaccine and awaiting notification from MDOH to place an order. Studies are currently taking place for pediatric patients and according to our literature, we will probably be able to start vaccinating our younger patients later this year, closer to summer. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more.


Again, stay safe, stay healthy, and be well!


      For general guidance and information on the COVID-19 pandemic, please see the CDC website and the AA County Department of Health page. 

      Please see this AAP page for new information regarding the possible effects of COVID-19 on children.

      For information about testing, including drive-through options please visit

      SCHOOL/CAMP FORMS INFO: Please see our temporary forms policy to see how our office will be handling school/camp/sports forms this summer.
      COVID TESTING OPTIONS FOR ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS (please note that this information changes often, it is always best to call ahead and/or make an appointment for testing.        *this facility currently provides rapid test results. We have been told they only do 200 tests per day therefore it is recommended to get in line by 7:30am.             *AA County Health Dept on 3 Harry S Truman Pkwy Annapolis 21401

      When the office is closed, if you have a medical concern and would like to speak to a nurse or reach the physician on-call, our after hours number is 443-481-3061.
      MDVIP patients should call Dr. Schmidlein's cell number.