We can now perform telemedicine for certain appointments. Please call the office to see if telemedicine would be appropriate for you. 

COVID-19 Updates

  We hope this announcement finds you and your family safe and well. It has been eight tumultuous months since COVID 19 changed our lives. We are aware that for many of you there remains mental, financial, and physical exhaustion. Please know that we are here for you. We are your first source of information when you need to reach out for help and advice. Our office hours have NOT changed since the onset of the pandemic and we fully intend to see you through to the duration.

**NEW** We redesigned our office and can now safely bring symptomatic patients inside to be examined and perform rapid testing for strep and/or influenza using the latest DNA technology. We have expanded our Covid19 testing to include rapid testing for symptomatic patients and auxiliary testing for asymptomatic patients that require screening for school, college, work, pre-operative procedures etc.  We are so excited with our redesign because it allows us to see sick and well patients simultaneously, in a completely safe setting!

   Please note: we have chosen to keep our doors locked and ask patients to call when they arrive. This decision was made to ensure that every person who enters our office is safe, it does not mean that we are locking you out…it means that we know your vehicle is the best place to wait, rather than sitting in a waiting room where we may not be able to control the spread of the virus.

   There is a fair amount of confusion, and sometimes misinformation, about Covid19. Our doctors are staying very current and can offer you accurate and updated information on: How Covid19 is spread; how to prevent contracting the virus; the latest treatments and findings; Covid19 vaccine updates and the steps you can take to minimize the risk to other family members should one person contract it. We can also give you informed input on sending your kids to school/daycare, returning to work, or just venturing out to socialize...we are here for you. We encourage you to use our website where we post updated office information, flu shot clinic dates and list trusted informational sites, BUT contact us directly for any questions that impact your family.

   We are asking everyone to please get an influenza vaccine this year! It is critical, since the flu can impair the immune system, and everyone needs a strong immune system while we still have active Coronavirus in our community. We have had two pediatric "drive-thru" clinics in our parking lot that were immensely successful. For Dr Schmidlein's patients, we have been able to distribute vaccine in-office and in the parking lot, please call to make an appointment.

   We are now scheduling patients for our 3rd Pediatric Drive-thru flu shot clinic on Sunday November 8th. It will most likely be the last clinic date we can offer therefore if you are unable to attend, please use this link to find a place to get you and/or your child vaccinated:

In the spirit of the times, the doctors and our very dedicated staff want you to know we CARE about you and will do our best to be here for you. Best wishes to all!

      For general guidance and information on the COVID-19 pandemic, please see the CDC website and the AA County Department of Health page. Please see this AAP page for new information regarding the possible effects of COVID-19 on children.

      For information about testing, including drive-through options please visit

      SCHOOL/CAMP FORMS INFO: Please see our temporary forms policy to see how our office will be handling school/camp/sports forms this summer.
      COVID TESTING OPTIONS FOR ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS (please note that this information changes often, it is always best to call ahead and/or make an appointment for testing.        *this facility currently provides rapid test results. We have been told they only do 200 tests per day therefore it is recommended to get in line by 7:30am.             *AA County Health Dept on 3 Harry S Truman Pkwy Annapolis 21401

      Dear Patients: Please stay safe and protect your loved ones! We strongly encourage you to remain vigilant, Covid19 is still being passed on to many of our patients, friends and loved ones. The ONLY way to keep your family safe is to avoid unnecessary travel, avoid large crowds, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and wear a mask within 6 feet of anyone outside of your household.
      Sincerely, Dr.s Hackett, Schmidlein and Ginsburg
      When the office is closed, if you have a medical concern and would like to speak to a nurse or reach the physician on-call, our after hours number is 443-481-3061.
      MDVIP patients should call Dr. Schmidlein's cell number.
      Have a safe and happy holidays!